Pond UI

Pond is a graphical testbed for Lotus. Using it will setup a separate local network which is helpful for debugging. Pond will spin up nodes, connect them in a given topology, start them mining, and observe how they function over time.


make pond


./pond run

Now go to

What can I test?

  • The Spawn Node button starts a new Lotus Node in a new draggable window.
  • Click [Spawn Storage Miner] to start a Lotus Storage Miner. This require's the node's wallet to have funds.
  • Click on [Client] to open the Lotus Node's client interface and propose a deal with an existing Miner. If successful you'll see a payment channel open up with that Miner.

Don't leave Pond unattended for more than 10 hours, the web client will eventually consume all available RAM.


  • Turn it off and on - Start at the top
  • rm -rf ~/.lotus ~/.lotusstorage/, this command will delete chain sync data, stored wallets, and other configurations so be careful.
  • Verify you have the correct versions of dependencies
  • If stuck on a bad fork, try lotus chain sethead --genesis