About Lotus

Lotus is a Filecoin implementation written by Protocol Labs, the creators of IPFS, libp2p, and Filecoin.

It is written in Go and it is actually a suite of command-line applications:

  • Lotus Node (lotus): a Filecoin Node: validates network transactions, manages a FIL wallet, can perform storage and retrieval deals.
  • Lotus Miner (lotus-miner): a Filecoin miner. See the the respective Lotus Miner section in the Mine documentation.
  • Lotus Worker (lotus-worker): a worker that assists miners to perform mining-related tasks. See its respective guide for more information.

The installation instructions are common to all three, but this section just focuses on getting started with the Lotus Node: installing, launching, syncing the chain and managing a Lotus wallet. Documentation on how to make storage deals using Lotus is available in the store section. Additional documentation is also available for miners and developers!

Getting started with Lotus

These are the main guides to swiftly get started with Lotus:

Please check the side menu for additional guides!

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